The Experience
A Completely Personalized Approach To EyeWear Selection by Appointment

Personalized Means PERSONAL.
It starts With TRUST.

We really do have a Sincere Passion for helping you Look And See Your Very Best.

Your face
Your personality
Your world

Our Optical Stylists begin with your prescription, help you select appropriate lens material – Plastic, Trivex, Polycarbonate, Hi-Index, Digital Design – measuring for best optical results . .

Getting to know you . .

Exploring your Personality, Visual Needs, Lifestyle and of course, your Audience.

And present you with an assortment of frames that FIT! . .

The exact style you were hoping for . .
Or more likely, something you were never expecting!

Don't rush!
Have some fun!
Take a few pics!

We make a list of your favorites, order other colors, sizes, options.

We want you to be in LOVE with your eyewear . .
Come back and take another look . .

We love seeing you!

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