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BOZ is a French, feminine eyewear collection offering a colorful, creative design-focused collection.

For the woman who wants to be noticed, Boz is absolutely not understated, Boz is daring and audacious.

Anne et Valentin
EyeWear Collection

Anne et Valentin is a brand born from the wild dream of two opticians from Toulouse, a town in the South-West of France.

For 30 years, Anne et Valentin has created exceptionally beautiful acetate eyewear, and all handmade in France.

As well as some of the most intricate and inspired handcrafted Japanese Titanium eyewear you will ever see!

ProDesign Denmark
EyeWear Collection

ProDesign is Danish design at its best.

Minimalistic design with surprising color details and always a fusion of international fashion trends and classic Danish design tradition.

ProDesign glasses are for those of you who love innovation and functionality.

EyeWear Collection

LARA D’Alpaos is an Italian architect, and eyewear designer who continues her family’s 40 year journey in Italian eyewear craftsmanship.

Passionate about fashion and design, she combines Italian craftsmanship, quality and a whimsical design language – a style that is bold, creative and original, but never out of place.

Kame ManNen
EyeWear Collection

Kame ManNen has been handcrafted in Sabae, Japan since 1917.

Expertly made of titanium, gold and acetate, the designs are truly distinct and classic.

The name and the symbol comes from a Japanese proverb “turtles live for ten thousand years” meaning the collection shall be timeless both in it’s manufacture and design.

EyeWear Collection

Since 1923, when Lous Lafont opened his small boutique in Paris, the Lafont family has epitomized the very best of French eyewear tradition, style and craftsmanship.

Family owned and operated, Lafont is known and loved the world over for their distinctively original Parisian design and dedication to modern French acetate manufacturing.

EyeWear Collection

Onirico is proudly 100% Italian Made in the city of Reggio Emilia with a history reaching back to 1954, when Giorgio Nannini first started making racing goggles – still in production!

Continuing the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with beautiful shapes and color combinations – Bold, Unique, Italian!

Petite by J.F.Rey
EyeWear Collection

PETITE is a very feminine and modern collection designed by J.F.Rey Studio.

The frames are specifically designed to fit and compliment petite faces.

Faithful to the brand’s DNA, it has the elegance of a J.F.Rey frame while allowing many stylistic details, with a free, spontaneous and quirky acetate pattern and contemporary colours.

Caroline Abram
EyeWear Collection

A trained optician, Caroline Abram started in 1998 designing jewels and eyewear accessories.

 She has won numerous international awards in optics and uses diverse materials such as resin, silver, wood and semiprecious stones.

EyeWear Collection

Orgreen is an independent, Danish designed eyewear company manufactured in Japan of high-quality titanium, beta-titanium, zyl, and precious metals.

Orgreen eyewear is defined by their excellent quality, bold colors and minimal Danish design.

Porsche Design
EyeWear Collection

Porsche Design eyewear stands for innovation, quality and uniqueness.

The timeless purist collection is precisely made of high quality materials by Rodenstock, representing the finest in German manufacturing since 1870.

The focus is on titanium as a material for frames – the epitome of outstanding stability, lightness and performance.

EyeWear Collection

Joëlle and Jean-François Rey – J.F.Rey – have been designing elegant eyewear for men and women since the 80s. Since they met, their love for stylish eyewear has never faded.

In 1995, they set up MAISON JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY together to present innovative, high-quality collections of optical frames and sunglasses.

The distinctive J.F.Rey collection is innovative in design and unique in color.

EyeWear Collection

BLAC is handmade in Denmark.

It is a revolutionary high-end eyewear made from carbon fiber reinforced with titanium.

A lightweight frame but yet very strong. BLAC is the world’s first adjustable carbon fiber frame, with the patent to prove it.

All carbon fiber and fiberglass frames in the BLAC line are manufactured using the raw material directly in the process.

EyeWear Collection

Made in the USA since 1973, Randolph is family-owned and operated in Massachusetts. Each frame is guaranteed for life and is made by hand in 200 steps to create our signature style and comfort.

For over 40 years we’ve provided the US military with the world’s best Aviators.

A labor of love.

EyeWear Collection

Cazal is absolutely unique, fashion forward, luxurious – not for the faint of heart – eyewear.

Established by a  true eyewear legend, there is no-one like Cari Zalloni, whose “maximalist” eyewear designs became a cult in the 80’s and continue to inspire and push the limits today.

Pure titanium and gold, Handmade in Germany since 1975.

EyeWear Collection

Oxibis is an independent brand, specializing in  light and colorful frames made in France.

Combining titanium and proprietary plastic, a very light comfortable frame is combined with unique color and design.

Volte Face
EyeWear Collection

Vote Face is a feminine avante garde line of eyewear handmade in France, created by Fabienne Coudray-Meisel.

Sophisticated, clever and edgy design combining textures and materials – acetate and titanium – with exciting colors that stand apart.

Volte Face is never subtle, always classic and certainly feminine.

Giorgio Nannini
EyeWear Collection

Handmade in Italy since 1954, Giorgio Nannini began as a high tech manufacturer of goggles for auto and motorcycle racing and has evolved into one of the finest independent Italian eyewear artisans in the industry.